Life is too short

Hey lovelies!

If there is one thing I have learnt over the years is that life is definitely too short, so take every opportunity possible and make as many memories as you can. The main thing for me that led me to think this statement was high school. Going through high-school; making friends and losing friends has been a struggle but it has made me the person I am today and I wouldn’t change that for the world. Every end of something leads to greater beginnings and I truly believe this. Not every end is bad and losing friends isn’t always bad, you end up with the ones who truly love and care for you and have your best interests at heart. As someone once said ‘ you’re not growing up unless you’re losing friends’.

Life is too short to wake up every morning filled with bad memories and regrets, so love everyone around you and always be kind.  Life isn’t always full of happy moments, but without sad moments we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the good times. It is important to always remember that EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES, big or small everyone makes them and it doesn’t make you a horrible person… it makes you human!!!! Another thing I have learnt is that stressing over problems or worrying about things isn’t going to make it go away, it will just consume your thoughts and make you miss out on good times and experiences, so let go and move on! I know its easier said than done, but 99% of worries never come true! C’mon think about the amount of things  you have worried about… have any of them ever actually happened?

Finally, one of the most amazing things in life is the power of time. Time really is the greatest healer, good or bad times they all pass. Never think that the way you feel right now will last forever because I can tell you from experiences you will move on from these thoughts and everything will start falling back into place, you just have to give it time.

-The truth is life is hard and things don’t come easy. You have to figure out who is worth worrying about and make every moment count. Don’t waste your time worrying about people who don’t worry about you. Life is too precious to worry about stupid shit, so have fun a long the way and do more of what makes YOU happy , not anyone else.

-R xoxo


About me

Hi there, I’m called Rose. Well that’s my nickname and what most people call me. I am seventeen years old and talking and sharing experiences with people is something I love doing. I’ve always put off starting a blog because its been hard to find spare time as I’m a very busy person, and to be honest I wasn’t sure how to start one up! But here I finally am…

I hope you all enjoy my future posts and here’s to new adventures!


Rose xoxo

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Life is too short